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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

All That I Can Say . . .

Summer's ending soon but shit's just getting steamed up. 3 people are retiring. 2 people had a slapfest at the job. the belt is getting tighter. me and nina are stressin... Calgon take my ass away.

Again, no dice with the CDs. I should give up huh? Maybe my money's not good enough. Not big enough. Feel me.

At least Chip loved the flowers- he sent me a picture of them. Still I feel like I haven't done my 'ooh wee' birthday. You know- Nickapow NY Style.

Ask me how the hell Nina managed to order those mealtime sets. Didn't I try like 10x here, 5x at the job? Out of control! But I'm glad she ordered them. and I ordered the other stuff. Christmas shopping has now begun. Evens was kind enough to give me a few sites to check out for WJL. YIPEE.

I was so happy to see Tavi. he's leaving for GA tomorrow morning. Gotta see the kid. I do hope he's ok. I'm also trying to find the right birthday and christmas gift for him. Too many kids. Too little money. He showed me pics from Italy- absolutely mindblowing. And he let me take one. I plan to blow it up for framing. My bag was a cute lil summer something. I'll be using it by the end of the week. Anyway, it was nice to sit on the porch, breeze was nice (i'm sleepy as hell now) and just talk.

it's about 11pm. i think the past few days caught up with me- i'm so tired. I should be resting- tomorrow, the featured film is Kung Fu Hustle (can't stop laughing already and i haven't seen it). perhaps I can sucker JVJ into getting me Wendy's for dinner. It's not expensive and it's filling. Guess I'll buzz him tomorrow. I'm going str8 from the bronx to LI. oh the fun.....

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