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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Saturday, August 06, 2005


In Stop N Shop- some old white guy was talking to me. Just out of the blue 'nice day, isn't it?' and he kept on talking to me and told me I had a nice shape and that I'm young. Was also surprised I didn't have a husband. Do you know he asked if I lived around there? Lawd, the only thing he didn't ask was for my #. Made me feel great this morning.

School was fine. I gave Reina my Missy CD to burn. I already miss it. hahaha. Reina reminded me that I now have a Mi Gente page. Perhaps I should work on it a bit. Put some text in- add a pic.

I've submitted my writings for the anthology. Loc sent them back with minor corrections and I reworked and added more writings. I think I'm tapped out now. It'd be interesting to see how far this goes. It's certainly worth the effort. I appreciate the TR group- you have no idea. They've rejuvenated my creative writing abilities. They've been extremely supportive.

Adjusting to the new hair. Slicked down, it looks pretty damned sexy!

Let me work on this page. Maybe I'll return to this later!

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