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What's on my mind?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Heaven Help Me

I dont know who the hell I think I am. zipping around like I've got a gas money stash somewhere. Check this out. From the job to the camp to the Bronx to Long Island- did all of that in about 2 hours. Why did fool tell me he was going out of town for 'a minute'? No heads up. Just telling me he's leaving on Tuesday. Never gave an ounce of thought about what's needing to be done. I'm so livid I was more than happy to go to LI.

JVJ had so much shyt in his truck for the picnic it wasn't even funny. something told me I would not be watching Kung Fu Hustle either. Not only did I get to taste his mac salad (YUM), but I had Wendy's, Rita's and the pleasure of frest fruit. I had to make the fruit salad for a lot of people. Challenging but fun. comments and distractions from the peanut gallery but it was all good. He was impressed that I was working so fast.dont nitpick over the berries. He said (and i'm still CTFU at this) that this isn't Lucy on the candy line, just dump the shits in. Then he thought I didn't cut enough cantaloupe. I cut plenty, they just bought too much- same goes for the kiwi and the watermelon. In this fun time, we took affection and joke breaks- my personal favorite is him standing over me with a meat cleaver with a crazed look on his face. I told him to please cut me so I didn't have to go to work. He had to laugh at that because he was tired as hell too...I did pass out at about 3:30am. he was right, I should have stayed over but I didnt want to make anyone late. I left late because certain people didn't want to me to leave. I got home at 6am. Ask me why was the roads crowded at 5am? I guess I'm used to being home by then, not realizing people DO commute at that time of the morning. I was seeing the sun come up. Oh even better- I still had to set my alarm and try to get some sleep. Man O man.

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