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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, August 11, 2005


6am- it's light out and i'm trying to get as much sleep as possible. i didn't waste time with the fruit i had in the bag, just put it on the counter, get undressed and get into bed. ahhhh. i thought about what JVJ said. he really liked his sneakers and said he's always worn them twice since getting them. that made me feel great. they were comfy and looked hot. i was thinking about making myself a pair... maybe for next summer. I told him to wear them as much as possible- could be the only pair he's getting. hahahah... he hinted at christmas but you know i've got him with that... he's also getting a few bucks towards a new bed if he doesn't get one by then. give that damned thing strength!!! he also asked a very profound question- when did i start falling in love with him? SAY WHUTTTTTTTTT??? I told him since he's such a know it all, he's to tell me. he said first date. i told him if he's basing that on my writing i gave him, dont. **whew i'm just too funny**

I'm at work pushing along. workday will be over in an hour. now i wonder- do i try to make fruit salad the moment i walk in or do i wait a bit? there's no way in hell i'm going online tonight. I will make my one phone call and have the TV watching me for a change. I'm TIRED. I was snoring a lil in the car during lunch- yeah, that's TIRED. my search continues for WJL's rest of summer activities. AOL did me dirty but I do believe in Karma. My time will come and I will not stress.

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