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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


always sh*t happening with me. best seller material let me tell you.

why is my NC honey moving, knowing I usually ship something to him for his birthday (next friday)?

why doesn't this chick realize that her 'pink' joke about my coral colored shirt is played?

why dont she just admit she's color blind or failed color 101 in pre k?
why can't i get my _mocha frap from starbucks at this moment?

why did i eat those 2 bowls of cereal?

why did my friend think i'd make it to the bronx before 7pm knowing i work in another city and still have to get home to wash my ass?

why did i let her sucker me into being the photographer for this party?

why did old boy call me Punkin Pie and I told him dont call me that dammit and he said i'm still Punkin Pie?

why is it hotter than blue blazes out there?

why did i tell this guy i wanted Frederick's perfume (which is the shit) and that rhinestone choker (hawt) for my bday (was in april)?

why did he say he didn't want to get the choker if i'm wearing it for another joe?

why did i tell him i wouldn't dare do such a thing but he's right? I would wear it for someone else.

why hasn't this heffa sent her pic for me to resize so she can put it on her mi gente page?

why do i have a mi gente page and am not interested in hispanic men? (YET)

why am i rethinking lending my Missy CD to this chick so she can burn it?

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