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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Why am I lovin this apple cinnamon cheerios so much?

Why am I feeling Missy's new CD?

Why did the lady tell me today's camp trip was cancelled this morning but the kid is more than welcome to stay?

Why is my job crush leaving in 2 weeks?

Why is it the heat index 115-120 in NC?

Why did old boy try to make it seem like I'm the crazy one?

Why did he tell me I'm the one who changed the hook up day?

Why did dude flirt with me and then say he'd rather keep it on a buddy level?

Why am I running out of lipstick?

Why havent I gotten the Avon I ordered over a month ago?

Why did the power go out while my friend was getting her teeth drilled?

Why did I nearly have to strangle my child this morning?

Why did the manager blame my co worker for HER apparent error?

Why wont people who need help let me help them?

Why am I blasting Linkin Park's 'Reanimation'?

Why can't I afford to wash my car?

Why isn't there car lotion to eliminate the ashiness from dark colored cars (such as mine)?

Why haven't I terminated the baby daddy?

Why did I get a positive feedback email from EBAY and I've only been on there twice?

Why did this chick ask me to send her the dvd but didn't give me an address so I can send it?

Why didn't Boys II Men's latest CD get any airplay and it's excellent?

Why did dude say we need to plan something serious and says we should take a shower and snuggle?

Why am I so anxious for The Sims PC game?

Why did dude talk so much ish about Scrabble and got blown out by 100 pts?

Why am I catching the itis after 2 bowls of cereal?

Why haven't I given thought to what to send my honey for his birthday?

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