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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, July 28, 2005


for a second time i tried to blog something from yesterday- even changed the date and get that 'page not found shit'... what's the point of having the thing down there if it's not going to work? geezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

so i put in my bit for today's 10 words. i was in a mood:

Scantily clad, I sat on his lap. Kiss to his bottom lip. Giving him that evil grin.
"Babe. What drama did you rustle up today? You know how you get with that belligerent attitude of yours- Sticky Nicky. heh heh heh. hmmm look at that. I must say that you look so tasty when you emerge from the bedroom. The pants soldiers start to accumulate! Ominous aura. I just know there's gonna be some trouble tonight!! And look at you. Absolutely no sympathy for me.'
"What? Ok Ok. I do have a confession. I love it when you beg. I hold out on purpose. But I think you love it."

1. emerge
2. scantily
3. confession
4. evil
5. accumulate
6. sympathy
7. belligerent
8. drama
9. ominous
10. kiss

i didn't get my weekly and boy does it show. JVJ had to call me with 'what day is it'. i asked if he calls just because he doesn't have a calendar. i got the impression that he wanted to see me. he's such a flake though. i do know i didn't feel too great and felt it was wise to stay home. hahaha. the bubblies are NO JOKE!

the house work is not improving and if they dont watch it, things could get really ugly.

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