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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Materialistic Women

wow. everytime me and my friend goes out it's a crap
shoot. really. my mother taught me to bring enough to
pay for myself in case things dont work out. i stick
by that. lol.. but let's say we talk about going out
to dinner and a movie. we never know who's doing what.
and i'll say ok i've got dinner and he'll take the
movie or vice versa. there's no debate or anything.
it's dutch. there are times i say 'my treat' and i do
mean that from beginning to end. and there are times
when that bill comes, i say 'how much is the tip' and
i'm ready to cover it and he'll say 'i got it'.. i
suppose it's about who you're with nowadays. i dont
assume he's paying for everything and he doesn't
assume i'm paying for everything because someone will
end up not seeing a movie or having a meal.. (crackin
I dont complain about financial woes to anyone. maybe
it's a pride thing. i also dont expect that prince to
come and 'save the day' either. i got myself into it,
i'll get myself out (and i'm always hesitant about
accepting help if offered (RARE to NEVER)). 
I think you've described the Cinderella (Princess)
complex. Whomever raised them, instilled and burned
into their brains that the only way they would be
provided for is 2 ways- cash or credit...Men arent
good for anything else as far as they are concerned. 
They will wait for some fool to spend all of his hard
earned $ on them. And dont let him lose his job or the
money goes low. It's a wrap. 
 I remember a friend said to me 'my mother raised me as
a princess and i expect to be treated like one' and
yet she wonders why she can't get a good man in her
life. what kind of nonsense is that?  and oh yes,
she's lazy as hell. what man wants a lazy woman?  I
started to call her Miss Bon Bon. 

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