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What's on my mind?

Sunday, July 31, 2005


So, I roll to get the hair colored. Sometimes I think it doesn't pay to be on time because her ass is always late. One minute the gate is down. Next thing I know, it's up and she's got someone in the chair. I think she forgets about me. So now I'll have to call 2 days in advance to remind her. Chyna put the coloring in, Vinetta styled it. Again, I dont know who was to get the tip. One day I'll get it right.

I was all over the place like I was Nicky Warbucks. I need to slow down but things were needed.

Today I went to Barnes & Nobles to start getting the
books for the kid's summer reading list. I noticed
maybe 2 African American authors on the list-
therefore, that meant my searching on the Net for
other authors and titles. I didn't do too bad. What
frustrated me however, was a site that seemed to list
all types of books- I noticed a hyperlink for African
American Girls (positive)- and yet, nothing for our
boys. 'Here we go' I'm thinking. I managed to get a
few titles and headed to B&N on Central Ave in
Yonkers. They have the setup for 'Summer Reading' and
a crap load of books on the table.

You know they didn't have our authors on there. I had
to go to CS and run down the titles I had- they were
out of all but one- and there was 2 copies still left
on the shelf. What kind of mess is that? "Justin and
the Best Biscuits In The Word" by Mildred Pitts
Walter. I asked the CS person to order what I wanted
my son to read. I had a dual purpose. Order a couple
of what the school has has on the list. Order what I
want my child to read. This will help my child
accomplish the 25 book reading challenge for this year
and get him more exposure to our writers. I'm hoping
they can obtain "Trapped Between the Lash and the Gun"
by Arvella Whitmore. (In this time travelling story,
a young boy who is involved with gangs is brought back
to the days of slavery).

As I browsed, one of the employees (old YT lady who
looked like a busted school teacher) asked if I needed
assistance. I told her I had a list of summer reading
books (she closed in a bit) and also some African
American titles (she leaned back and inched away) that
I was looking for. Now it became 'well whatever's on
that reading list is right on this table' (which was
pure b.s.)... and she quickly disappeared.

OK. I'm left to fend for myself I see. I looked twice,
three times, 5 times until I decided to let CS assist
me. She tells me if I go back to the area I was just
in, the person there would help me. I flat out said 'I
did that. She was absolutely no help to me whatsoever'
and that's when I ran down some titles for ordering.

Why is it like this? Why can't I walk in and find
books (other than fantasy- he was looking at Captain
Underpants and Spiderwick series) for my advanced
reader? Written for our boys? Am I missing

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T_Baby said...

Hey Coco I hope your hair color came out good. I never knew who to give the tip to so I would give a tip to both people.