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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, July 25, 2005


Let me go back to Friday. Why did I try to activate my TR group gift card and the AMEX systems were down? Told me to call back in an hour. Maybe I dont feel like shopping in an hour, maybe I want to shop now. I mean damn. I also went onto EBAY to find that Sims game.

Saturday. First day of the school term. wasn't bad. got some pals in my classes so it's all good. Reina told me i should check out MiGente website for guys- being that the brothas creep over there from BP. I signed up but never worked on the page. there was also a picnic. i got my 2 hot dogs and got to steppin to Best Buy to see if they had the Sims PC there. They had everything else BUT. And this guy, Soul, with his adorable self, was willing to contribute $1 for the cause. I told him if I get outbidded, I'd return. I did get the new Missy. HAWT!!! I get back to class and guess what- I won the game for $8.50. Should reach me in a few days. I came home to an empty house- well Robert was painting the attic. I called JVJ to discuss DJing equipment and things. Gave him an open invite to dinner. He said 'what time's dinner?' with his greedy self.

Sunday. went to the store, came back, started laundry and dinner. first set of cake was horrible. hard crackers. haha I dont know what happened. second try was a bit better. but I'm beginning to wonder if the pans are having their last run. my cakes were still short. I was hoping they'd be puffy. Still tasted good. I'll have to really invest in some pans. JVJ never called to tell me if he was coming or not. And well, he didn't make it. Yeah I was really disappointed. I cannot tell him how I feel over the phone and I get all goofy when he's around me. I do know I need to say something- and soon. I took WJL to Parkchester and AOL says to me he's going to Barbados but guess he can't go because he has to go to court. I was seething but I just arched my brow and walked into the elevator. Explain how a non working person needs a vacation and supposedly has no money to do so? The plot thickens.

Today I get all kinds of things coming at me. My zipper on my black pants broke. Was like I was on a sitcom the way it happened. When I take them off, they go into the garbage. Not worth fixing. They did pretty well. Then I get the buzz about RM leaving in about 2 weeks. I wanted to get the scoop from him- he was hestitant about opening his mouth. I guess he didn't want to jinx anything. I said I'm not saying a word, it's all good, esp the way ppl are at the job. I wished him the best of luck and congrats. Imma miss him and I told him that. He's been so nice to me ever since I started. now that's one guy who'll NEVER know how I've crushed on him. What else happened? Well my cd's and dvd's came. I'm beyond happy. I'm about to check out Linkin Park. I thought it was a music CD but it's like animation with their songs. But it's LP- I had to get it. I must get the remix album. I dont know why I've overlooked that. I also ordered my book for the Internet class. saved a few bucks- now let's see if it makes it here by Friday. hahahah...

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