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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fanning Myself.

Mr. E posted this to me after I sent my 'What Makes A Good Man' response to him:

there is the expression "My cup runs over" I would saythat yes, your cup would run over and you would haveto learn to lick the sides... What greatness is embodied in such a search. Withevery stroke of a second we draw closer to dusk. Yetwhat will be our accomplishments of the day? I don'tknow why, but I feel every thing that you haveexpressed to me over the past few months was never alie... I'm very comfortable with you which is a huge plus!! I'm never doubting you at any moments so in myown way I've embraced you... I think about you, funnybut I see you on a quest to make me happy and completemy thoughts, my wants and everything kinky I might think of... So in my mind I say to you... go head dome... And of course it seems sexual, but I've learnedthat you are sensual... Yet do me, not only physicallybut keep hitting me in the head with your awesome flow... keep threatening me with your awesome lipspromising not to spill on drop... Soon you'll findyourself in a place where some would think only dreams are allowed...

**and if this isn't a turn on, i dont know what is**

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