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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Friday, July 29, 2005

Funky Friday

Yeah I called in sick this morning. My stomach was just not up for CNG. Cooties at its best. I think I dialed at 6:30am, and went back into that 'sick' sleep. Got up and decided to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Tim Burton did a great job. Loved the effects. Just me and the kid. Got home and started getting ready for this party at Frankie & Johnny's on Bronxdale. It's such a shame that I end up there AFTER I move from Parkchester. It's RIGHT THERE for goodness sakes. Valet parking. Classy. I think JVJ would love it there- esp with the super huge portions they serve. Neshea was stressed out of her mind. No one really came on time. She only had the place until 11pm. Let me tell you, it was jumpin once everyone arrived. I got a another surprise- Adrienne is expecting! Due January 3, 2006. I'm so happy for her and it's ABOUT TIME!!! She's happy and looks great. God Bless. The party was fantastic. I even got my lil 2 step on, taking as many pictures as I possibly can. Food was good- and I came home with a few canolies. COME ON! THEY WERE CANOLIES! YOU KNOW HOW I DO! Cheryl looked great- divified, glowing, happy. She had a great time. Neshea did excellent. I'd call her but I'm sure she's recovering. hahahaha..

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