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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Update. . .

My mind is going miles a minute. Jumping from subject to person, to this and that.

This is a very busy time but I'm working at my own pace, starting with my health. Detox event next week. Haircut the next day. Son is graduating from 8th grade the following day.

Niece will be celebrating her first birthday on the 20th and I can't wait.

I will press on as usual.

Something on my mind, brewing. Out of the blue, I've received a text message from my son's aunt about a birthday party for her niece (my son's sister). I made it clear to her how I felt about things and thought she had my back- but she didnt. The father calls and had become all fatherly. Today he called and said he loved the boy and he's his son. Now he's interested in coming to the graduation, asking me why I didn't mention the boy graduating. I was very honest by telling him I didn't think he was interested. He raised his voice about how he wanted to go, asking why his mother and father can't be at the graduation at the same time. There was a part of me that believed he was showing off in front of whomever was in the room with him- there was no prior interest in this child whatsoever. The same feeling brewed when the sister texted to me. The only reason why the kid was invited was to be a trophy and show him off to other people. He also wants to talk to me as if he's got the solution to my problems and issues.

Life's funny aint it.

My ex contacted me- seems I was on his mind. Recently, I just came across our trip pics along with a studio pic his parents sent to me years ago. I haven't heard from him in over a year- I suppose he's OK and the call was a nice surprise. To date, we've just been texting back and forth. Eventually, we'll have a phone convo.

Life's a stitch.

My sister invited me to her house tomorrow for her 14th birthday and also to her graduation. Unfortunately, I have to work at both jobs to catch up and get myself prepared for my mini vacation- but I told her that I will find a way to hook up with her, bringing my son along, for movies and lunch or something along those lines. This will work better esp since school will be out for them.

Life's hilarious.

The kid will spend only 2 weeks of sleepaway camp and that leaves the rest of the summer open. What to do, what to do?

Life's like a box of chocolates.

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