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What's on my mind?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Val's Day & Stuff

Shout out to the most romantic day of the year, although I think everyday should be romantic in some kind of way. The smallest of thoughtful gestures goes a long way. My original plans didnt go the way I wanted to but I still made the best of the situation. I bought Mark dinner and spent the night in the hospital and stayed most of the morning. I can tell he's frustrated and I don't blame him. Time lost. Having to relearn. Wanting to be back to work and in his home. Not knowing what is wrong with him exactly. Not knowing what's to come when he gets discharged. I know he feels like he's a burden and wants to change things but feels helpless and 'not in charge'. Unfortuately, I don't know what to do but to try to make him feel comfortable and let him handle a few things on his own. Right now, I cannot say when I'll be back there- this is a full week and I cannot mess up the money from the store. I think I will begin to do small deposits each week. $50 if I can. $25 from CNG, $25 from S&S. I will also take care of my health so I can do this running.

We have a long road ahead of us and I'm up for the ride. That's what love is about.


My condolences to friend, Michelle, and her family. A relative was found murdered in ATL after being missing for a few days. Sad situation and they may never know how or who. I suppose the up side is that his body was found and he can be laid to rest. I hoping he just wanted a mini vacation and would return home soon- just not this way. Sadly, I believe he knew his murderers.


Me on the woman who has 14 kids and no game plan. I feel for the state of CA on all sorts of levels. And I understand the same fertility doctor has implanted 7 embryos into a 49 year old woman who's now in her 5th month. I dont know the full details for her situation but she may be in a better position to do this.


me on the chrihanna event. both need counseling and family/friend support. they can get through this and maybe, big maybe, they can be cordial towards each other and stay apart.

we can go at this forever and forever but this is my take on things and i'm done. i've seen a lot and knock on wood- have not been abused or have really scrapped with a dude... EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. i aint referring to brown or rhianna because everyday the story gets warped and retarded. hopefully this will get sorted out and they'll leave each other the hell alone...******** some women were taught that it's acceptable to hit a man and you know by whom? their mommas, aunts and grandmommas who may have been abused by their men (which i use the term loosely).. so they school their daughters in a way to protect themselves. it's not to say it's 'right' and it's sort of incorrect advice IMO but it's understandable. but note what i said 'protect themselves'. that does not equal 'ok go at him with a knife if he says something funny to you'. most of us were taught to fight and fight as best as you can AND THEN RUN!! go for the face, scratch at him until you see blood, kick him in the nuts, grab and twist the nuts, etc. i got all of that from a female who stood before me with 2 black eyes. and no, she didnt hit him first. he thought she was sleeping around but- he was drinking, drugging and paranoid and very jealous. i dont think she was strong enough to fight back and she never pressed charges. so... realize each case is not always a common one.... different circumstances for different people...moving on... words vs fist isn't a fair fight by no means: remember- STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME. unfortunately, pride and that macho mess get things to physical mode. it's stupid IMO. i believe a woman should never be involved in a man's fight. meaning, 2 guys throwin, she shouldnt' be wailing her ass in there. she should be getting help from another male but her tail should not be in between them, hitting one with her purse and shit. get the law if necessary if 2 women are fighting, i believe a man should try to break it up in a way that he doesnt get his ass in trouble. or find a woman to break that crap up. get the law if necessary. now.. males vs females. firstly, i dont believe a woman should make any attempt to hit first. but we know that happens for whatever reason. he cheated or appears to be cheating. we are emotional creatures and we love with all of our hearts. i will admit on 2 separate occassions i did the windmill action on dudes who did not hit me back (OMG they would have been very interesting fights, but i digress). one attempted to restrain me (hilarious), another blocked me and left the room. therefore dudes will pay physically (claw your eyes out), mentally (sleep with your brother, father and best friend) and materialistically (brick in car, tires slashed, etc). a true woman, a smart woman, will assess, analyze and let his ass go. leave his crap alone and keep it moving. secondly i dont believe a man should hit a woman first. but we know that happens for whatever reason. she didnt cook this right. she made a smart ass comment. she threw the keys at him. but you know what- she didnt HIT him. so he should make his way out of the house and if he feels those keys were a weapon then he should find his way to the precinct and press charges. thirdly, if she's going at him where there's a gun, a knife or something that could do him some harm where he cannot make his money the next morning- i cannot very well say 'ok dude, turn your back on her and walk out of the door'. bullet in your spine. blade in your rib. i cannot say stand there and fight her either. it's his call and if he's gotta drop her like it's hot, well, i can understand it. dont like it but i know sometimes that's the way it really may have to go. in this instance, if all of that can be avoided- back up towards the door facing her, throw a lamp or shoe at her and try to get out of there and press charges. THE END

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