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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is It Me?

Help me understand...
Why am I giving summer camp info to someone during the July month? The person told me her child was to register for camp but she was too late. How did that happen? I had to school her- when it comes to planning the kids' summers, you have to get that ball rolling around March, if not earlier. I started paying the day camp in January, doing it by installments until I was paid in full by the end of May. I gathered information for sleepaway camp in April and made sure everything was paid in full by the end of June. Dont misunderstand me- I am not expecting everyone to be a planner and put things into motion as quickly as myself but I definitely do not believe in procrastinating for the summer. Even when I had a thought my son would have summer school, I called to find out the return policy and was told it'd be in full if he couldn't attend day camp. Luckily, the class was very early so his camp day is not shot to hell. The sleepaway camp is still in tact too so he's booked up until near end of August. They called to find out if he could attend another session. I wish I knew ahead of time and he'd be there.
My mind raced- if the camp is calling for more kids to attend- they've got room right? The moment I found out about the sleepaway camp, I tried to inform as many parents as possible. The camp wasn't very far, easily accessible. The cost seemed to be a parent's fantasy. So why arent the 8 kids I know attending? I shake my head in confusion. If family members went together, they would look out for each other and ease fears, but alas, my son will stand alone for the first time. I tried and pleaded- from a few- a few lame excuses. It's mid June and the kids are sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. Where's the sacrifice or the consideration to what the children may want to do?
Help me understand.

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