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What's on my mind?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My New Year's Eve

I have to admit, it was eventful. Gathered with family at a relative's house, bringing in the new year together. we've made some interesting resolutions and i believe most of them will follow through. we had fun, ate well, played 2 games... i got my drink on. cousin made 2 concoctions, both very sweet, VERY good and I got my fill. I think I'll bring a thermos with me so I can take some home.

Had to stop by son's father's house to pick up something I'd ordered from his aunt. needless to say, that turned out crazy. I asked his father a question and it got ridiculous. last year, i received a judgment letter from court for a certain amount. the father had x amount of days to write in and petition. that didnt happen. william didnt receive anything either. he claims he never got the mail. he said he never gets mail from family court (i get a copy and he's cc'd on it. address is correct). i told him he needs to settle this because the police will come for him. he says and i quote: they can't put me in jail, i'm disabled. let me talk about his disability. he has palsy on the right side. this is a limp, a curled hand and a bent arm. he stopped going to therapy to correct this. this is the reason why he is on social security disability. never has to work but could- and has off and on. then he said they'd have to find him first. then he said when the court sees his expenses he'll be fine. i told him if the system catches up, he wont be and it's on their accord being they haven't seen anything coming through the office for a very long time. then he said 'you need money, dont you have a man for that?' then looked at william and said 'how old are you? (william answers) you need a job' (and he was very serious) asked me how much he owed up until the time wm was put on his social security. i told him to call child support and find out. he's not working, but home changing diapers. he said his rent is $845 and he's got the babies. then said let the police take him to jail, he doesnt care. I said i didnt tell him to stay in an apt he couldn't afford, i didnt tell him to stay unemployed and i didnt tell him to make babies he can't feed. if we walk in as a team, discuss what's owed before wm got social security, this would be a done deal. you dont want to go to jail when you have 2 lil ones in your care. i dont have to pick up the phone and call them, they can catch up on their own and come knocking on your door. he says 'i dont care if they come and get me' and dont get me wrong, i care about my son (william) and all but these people need to leave me alone. i thought i was paying this off through social security. $25 a month right? me: we had this discussion. if the child support does not see payments coming through their office, you aren't paying. social security has nothing to do with it unless you take from it on your own and send it to them. now you call them up and find out how much you owe up until this point and then we can deduct until the month wm started getting social security. and no, it's not $25 a month. it's gone up twice since the case opened. since when? COLA- cost of living adjustment, goes up a few dollars every 3 years on its own. be reminded i haven't seen much of the $25 a month, then it went up to $28 and now it's at $31. really? damn! so how much do i owe? dont know. all i know is the letter has a certain amount and i have no idea how that amount was determined. instead of telling the child to get a job, maybe you should really think about getting one yourself. not only to make sure you dont go to jail but to have more to provide for the children that are in your care. if you know your income isn't working then do both for a while until you are established, you're getting way too old to be living like this. he'll be 40 next month. yeah yeah. ok. i'll call them. what's the number? call 311 or look in a phone book. there's no office anymore, got to call the nys number now. give your ss# and find out how much you owe and that's it. i'll call them too and see if i get the same number. yeah yeah ok ok.. we talked about how the kid didnt have christmas presents and his bday is shot too (it's tomorrow). he handed me $200 ($100 for christmas, $100 for bday) for him on the low. get him whatever he needs and wants. i said i would but the boy's been acting up. told him why. suddenly he wanted to be a father and wanted the boy next weekend. i told him i'd think about it because we had plans. i said whatever fatherly thing you did the last time, didnt work. that's why he has no christmas or bday now.

his response: ok ok.. just bring him over, i'll fix it. he's gonna help me change diapers and shit.

Was that trip really necessary?

tomorrow is the kid's bday and it's back to school for him. i want to continue my stance and i think i will. not sure what his grandparents are doing. the boy's lucky if he gets a card at this point.

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