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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Roots, Lies, Family & Secrets

Thanksgiving Eve, I had a nice chat with my paternal aunt. She really tries to keep in touch- moreso than my father... Well, my father has I've said in the past, is a boob. He lied on me. End of july, me, my half sisters, and my son were to do a road trip to NC. I got clearance to go, didn't pay for day camp that week, etc. We were ready. He called me up 3 days before we were to head out to tell me he couldn't do it- money problems. Do you know he told my aunt we didnt' go because I had to work? I was like uhhh nooooooooooooooooooooo he's got that all wrong. and repeated exactly what he told me. She was like 'uhhuh, I see'. My father has a habit of twisting things in his favor. Same thing with my younger sister and her mother. Her mother was 'difficult' according to him. Didnt want her daughter to go. Turns out, she didnt want her to go only because old man drinks like a fish and it was a safety issue. If my aunt were to go, my sister stood a chance of going (I was taking my car too)- since auntie had other plans- sister couldn't go. my jaw dropped because I certainly didn't get that story from my father.

Then my aunt confirms I do have a half brother, born in 1969. I was born '71. as the story goes, my father accepted the child as his son, bragged all about it, but once he was ready to marry my mother, he didnt have a son. now the mother and this child LIVED with my grandmother and all of that. He lied to my mother (who approached him with this) and said the child wasn't his. my mother left the subject alone. His side of the family totally accepts him as his son. I only have seen two pics of us as kids and have no contact info so I asked my aunt to hook me up. And (drum roll please)- my father's macking with the mother AGAIN. also found out i have an uncle. imagine, 36 years, my dad and my aunt- that's it. now i find out i have an uncle. hmmmmmy dad followed his dad's footsteps. grandpops told the mother of my uncle she was mistaken, she must be confused (eye roll). meanwhile my grandmother has taken care of this child. the boy lived in the home with my father and my aunt. before my grandfather died, the guy contacted him as his son but grandpops denied him again... however, as far as dad and auntie are concerned, he's their brother. lives in brooklyn...

I N S A N I T Y !!!!

i feel that if guys are going to sleep around and father children like this, at least tell someone so no one's fuckin their family... you just never know... ugh...

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