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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Weekend

How was yours? Exciting? Boring?
Saturday was adventurous. I had to pick up a wedding gift from JC Penney. YEAH I'm callin them out. Tell me this. I placed the order on the 8th. Supposedly, it's to take 4-7 days to get to the store. Help me out. Why would it take so long to get from CT to NY? And tell me why the damned order never made it to the store? CS LIED on Weds, telling me it'd arrive later on in the day. Thursday, CATALOG in the store LIED, telling me it's in the store. So in I walk, all confident, ready to get this beautifully gift wrapped thing and the guy (whom I truly believe is the one I did speak to Thursday but he was tryin to front like it was someone else), says it wasn't in the storage room. WHUT?? No, I didn't go off. I told him to credit my card and I'll buy the frickin thing in the store. So much for convenience right? He asked another person to help me and she did, was as nice as punch. Even put- or I should say dropped- the gift into the gift bag. The one the fool guy was supposed to be holding. I had to laugh. I mean, what else was there to do? She got on him because he's to be this tall, strong dude and he let the bag slip out of his hands when she slid (sorry, DROPPED) the box into the bag. You know I put the gift receipt in the bag, right?
That evening, I figured I'd have a cold cut sandwich, using a bagel as the bread. I usually slice open with my hand with skill and precision. Well, Mrschocolatestuff nearly cut her middle fingerprint off. I was a stroke away from getting stitches. What was worse, not only did I still make the sandwich, with a dressing on my finger but the sandwich didn't make me content. I was still hungry. Do you know what it feels like to be hungry, mad and injured???
I received such excellent news. Step borrowed the car to do errands, returns home with a parking ticket. The upside, as a gesture of apology, he put $20 of gas in the car. Let us hope he pays that ticket!
Sunday, nice long ride to LI for a wedding. I got to see almost all of Sunrise Highway. Lots of stores on the strip. Got to the spot which was near the water- we were at the end of LI. lol. Nice place, food was great, steel drum band (ADLIB) was on point, everything was right and tight. The couple (and I'm sure their families) took time and care to bring out the best of the occasion. Oddly enough, with all of that glitz and glamour, people smiling and giving well wishes, I didn't feel this urge to want that. I didn't want the big reception, photographers and everything else that came with it. Just isn't Nicky. Ya feel me?? Dont need the really big shew... lol

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