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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Have you ever outgrown or got too busy for your very closest friends? If so, do you cut off their kids too?

I'm having a moment here.

My best friend of over 30 years has disappeared so to speak. In a way where the phone is not picked up. I can't chase her and yes as parents we do get busy but a quick hello takes no time. I've stopped calling. Email is not an option (she doesnt have a computer). But I know her. Her birthday and her kid's birthday is next month and I am 200% sure she will call me, esp for the daughter's bday (she will be 5...expecting a gift from me or some kind of help with whatever birthday party idea she may have)...it's not like me not to call for her birthday or try to give her a gift of sorts...

last time i heard from her was early september, right before school started. child needed a rolling bookbag and in a pinch i got it. never heard from the chick again..

i feel like it's 'call when you need me' not call to see if godson or his mom are still alive and breathing....

what do you do- do you call or do you wait for a call?

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