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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Things have been happening where my mind is at a standstill. I was approached about a new position within the company. I am slowly adjusting. It will take time and patience. I want to get things right. I am super grateful for a very understanding manager- rest of the dept included.

Mary has passed and was called home. Her battle with cancer has finally ended. We attended the viewing yesterday and I was completely caught off guard. I didn't expect to see her body. I thought she would have been cremated and there'd be services or a memorial. But she was there as peace. She was loved by many. Bradley kissed her nose. Daughter, Christina, held cards, hugged friends and family. It was a bittersweet thing. A lot of people smiled and laughed while others were sober and praying. I had to take a break from it all and sit in the car. I was happy to have met Mary when I did. I just pray and hope Brian will be fine as time passes.

Sam's Truth is coming along nicely. Did the photo shoot today. Mark complimented me on my series of photos. So funny- I never had the chance to review them. He said I had talent and my shots were really good. So, Sam will have alternate pics if he wants to change his page.

Money's tight at the moment and it's bringing us down. I am hopeful. I screwed up in a good way, sending a double payment. I also messed up by paying a bill too early- day before pay day so it became an insufficient fund situation and you know banks don't play- you get hit with the fee. Me? $64. I learned that I have to be very careful, esp paying online because some places post and take out payment within a few hours while as others do it the next day. Mister agreed that starting in January, we will begin to contribute to the NC fund AND try to hit an island for my birthday. I am wondering if I should use my tax refund (if any) to put aside just for that purpose. Although I'd want him to pay for the trip, that's a lot to put on a person so maybe we can split costs in some kind of way. Last night, he opened up to me about his 'monster' and I can't do much about that but try to help him get back on track. He's going to NC as the transporter and right now he really can't afford it. I am happy for the ING Direct fund to help out. Replenishing it is going to be a challenge though.

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