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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I haven't posted since June? What the heck happened to May? Something's not right because I know I posted in May!

Taking it back a bit. My son's grandmother passed away in May. I know I gave a farewell post on my 360 page- but I don't know how I neglected to say something here. She will be missed and I am very sorry I haven't had the chance to see her before she was called home.

My son was promoted to 7th grade. And got Second Honors. We are very proud of him. It seemed to be touch and go because it was a new school and he did very little studying. His grades for his finals were average-high. The teacher is leaving the school and he was down but hopefully, there will be a way to keep in touch- I don't think she's leaving the actual church.

The road trip-transport to NC was fun. Dingo was MIA- I have my suspicions of his whereabouts but I won't go there. There's another person who shares my sentiments. Anyway, me and Honey admitted to his family that we were 'married'- taking it to an emotional and spiritual level. We've gotten their blessing as well as our sons' blessings.

mrchocolatestuff.com is doing ok. Need more clientele and a marketing angle. I am working on that. It's not easy.

Money is tight and I'm semi looking for a part time job. I believe that with a bit 'extra', I can speed up the savings process and get the hell out of dodge. I feel badly that I have been neglecting my finances and am now realizing the error of my ways. I will definitely work harder to change what I'm doing- or not doing. I'm 36 and have no savings. I don't have any investments or anything secured for the future. That definitely has to stop!

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