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What's on my mind?

Monday, April 16, 2007

So Much... Too Much

My head spun when I heard about this shooting at VA Tech. 21 people dead. 21 or more wounded. Gunman killed. Even if investigators find out why this 'man' went on a rampage- he wont be brought to justice, he will never speak about why he did anything because he's dead.

A NYPD cop was given 15 years for a DWI which killed a family of 4 and he says it's unfair that he's still in jail. I think he's served 6 years. What is he smoking?

Lawmakers in CA are trying to pass a bill where gang members would wear GPS tracking devices to monitor their activities. Who says they would agree to wear them? PULEEZE

I'm not going to get into Imus and his comment about the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team. They are good to forgive him. I don't think I could but who knows? He's been fired and I wonder if others from the entertainment biz (actors, singers, rappers, etc) will wake the hell up.

Word is imported foods are rarely inspected. Nice to know. Now I have to buy a farm and cultivate my own sh*t.

Rapist terrorizes student for 19 hours, burning her with scalding water and chemical and then had the nerve to set her place afire. She gave a description (Police were hunting for the attacker, described as a bald, 6-foot-1, 180-pound black man in his 30s with a goatee and a scar on his abdomen). I am praying they catch this fool.

A principal and teacher were caught on video having sex in the principal's office. You'd better believe they quit. Of course you have to wonder- who planted the camera in the office and mailed it to the parents?

A pilot for Northwest was arrested on a drug charge (cocaine). He headed the wrong way on an interstate to avoid the U.S.-Canada border and led deputies on a chase, authorities said Sunday. You see, HE will NOT be the one flying me to the West coast.

In the German Army: The Defense Ministry said Monday an army instructor's order to a soldier to imagine being accosted by blacks in New York's Bronx borough while firing a machine gun was "absolutely unacceptable."
A video of the incident, which the army said it is investigating, aired on German television Saturday and prompted calls for an apology by the Bronx borough president. Defense Ministry spokesman Thomas Raabe condemned the episode, but said he believed it was an isolated case.
"This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and contradicts the training standards of the German army," he said at a news conference. (LET'S HOPE HE'S RIGHT AND THEY NEED TO TAKE THAT ARMY INSTRUCTOR OUT)

I used to go to the movies here but: An Easter night melee has led to new rules and tighter security at Westchester's New Roc City entertainment complex. Among other things, unaccompanied minors will be banned on weekend nights from parts of the complex in New Rochelle. A sudden overcrowding at the complex on Sunday night brought out200 police officers, some in riot gear. Six people were arrested, a 15-year-old suffered a stab wound and police recovered two guns. Under the new rules: _Private security at New Roc will be supplemented with off-duty uniformed police officers. _No one under 18 will be permitted to enter the courtyard without an adult after 6 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. _The Funhouse arcade room will close an hour earlier. _Minors must buy a card good for 10-dollars worth of entertainment before entering the Funhouse, the Ice Arena or the Speedway. (I wont lie- the kids act plain FOOL there. It's RIDICULOUS!!!)

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