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What's on my mind?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

He enjoyed his birthday dinner- sort of. I have to say that everytime we go out to eat- something happens. Don't know what it is. This time, he ordered shrimp with a baked potato. 3 small silver cups- filled with something, one had cocktail sauce, another butter and the 3rd- couldn't tell if it was tartar sauce or sour cream. Well he found out it was tartar sauce. hahaha.. I saw it but wasn't sure if it was the restaurant's signature sour cream. The look on his face when he discovered he'd put tartar sauce on his potato. CLASSIC. He was disappointed and didn't want to bother ordering another. Couldn't blame the cooks for this error but they didn't give him the sour cream either. We press on for the evening. Back at the ranch, he was excited to receive his gifts. One huge bag, one not so huge and he also got a red velvet cake. I think he racked up. He loved his gifts- one of which he needed and the other, he was anxious to read (the book I made). He hasn't read it yet and I am curious to see what he'll say about it when he's done. All I can say is that he was blessed that he's seen another bornday.

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