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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

DAY 5 OF 2006

Nothing to report. Nothing to see here- keep it moving. First paycheck of the year. Slight increase. No more beans and rice- I can add meat to the pot now. WOO HOO!!!

Enjoying life for real. ME has been a pleasure to be around. The kid is calming down- he's almost sugarfree these days. I need to follow his example. No baby daddy drama. Then again, there wasn't really drama because he's ghost. JJ buzzed me and left me a Happy New Year message. Big surprise. The Austins sent me a card- was nice to know they still think of me and WJL.

I wrote this for the 10 word exercise today. Thought I'd share it with ya. Of course I'll add on to it at a later time! Happy reading!


As she flung tepid water on her cheeks, the temptress knew what awaited for her in the park. She was just desperate enough to embark on this crucial endeavor. She knew it was practically suicide even considering striking a bargain with him, but she was tired. She had to leave the situation. She left her loft aloof, but stable. She was so caught up in her emotional madness her ass was nearly tapped by a horse-drawn carriage. She hated Central Park. She recognized the figure and paused. She thought: if his hand strokes my face, the mental damage will set in and I'll never leave.

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