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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I DID IT! (I think)

Last day of the school term. I think I did pretty well on the medical final. I was miffed that I had to come back home to get the disk for the E-Comm class- but that was my fault for coming into class unprepared.

I had to keep up with the Academic Center to see where I stood for graduation. Looks like I'll be marching in April- but really finishing up in July with the one last class. *patting myself on the back* Next term- 2 computer classes. I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

I've done a little marketing for Titillating Souls. I guess I'll ask Loc in a few months if the numbers have changed. Not sure how Ladies of Fruition are doing right now. I am thinking I should start focusing on my books and get it ready for publishing.

Today is the baby shower. I guess I could have made it, huh? Who knew when there's no invitation floating around. I will have to think of a gift though. She's gonna get a lot of crap. I think I may do the Carol's Daughter thing.

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