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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, October 24, 2005


Honey Chileeeeeeee what a day. Kelly's car got tapped by a willow tree in the parking lot. She and Sylvia were lucky not to have been in their cars.

The Positive Parents in The U.S. group is increasing in membership. I do hope this will be a success. It's a shame so many are dealing with this 'deadbeat' situation. With education and information, I believe the providers will be fine.

I've found a great site for writers. Now I may use this for my book. I did pass it onto the group for future reference. The African American Literature Book Club could be a helpful resource.

Again, me and ME missed each other. Timing is something else. Maybe another time.

T called me. Still has issues. She said she's more concerned about the family unit and not how hubby treats her. I told her she still deserves the respect no matter what. That's what family is about. Woman needs help.

Chatting with H and now he decides to talk about something that happened years ago. So. Dee says something to Simone who says something to Karen who says something to H. Mind you, these
chickens dont know me. H doesn't really know me but he trusted their word. AINT THAT A BITCH.

Blasts from the past. Popping up. I notice this happens during the extreme seasons. I think dudes are lookin to get warm or cool. lol

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