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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, October 20, 2005


True story.

Last night, I went over to my Gramm's to fix
her computer. It didn't take me long to find
this wonderful parking spot. I didn't have to
walk far and the area's well lit. Anyway, I
park and go see Gramms. I'd gotten a fix-it CD
from a tech friend and was able to gain access of
the computer. My cousin totally took over and I deleted her
992 emails- all junk (AOL is really sucky) and deleted her
account. I defragged, I freed up disk space, etc. It's running
like new. Mission accomplished.

I walk with a proud gait to my car (black) and scream.
It's now black and white. I parked under a huge tree and I
think there were a million and one birds in it. My
car was covered with bird shit from back to front, top to bottom.
I was shocked that I was able to touch the handle to get into the car.
The car was polka dotted. It was as if one main bird told
the other billion birds to crap at the same time. I couldn't see
out of my windows, couldn't see in my mirrors. I was violated.

I drive back to Yonkers, feeling all jacked up like I've been robbed.
I didn't want to be seen in the car and found I was driving faster
to Oakley's (yes Charles) car wash than ever. Thank goodness I
caught them before they closed and I got a $6 exterior

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