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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Whut Da Fk Wednesday

Back to work. Partially excited, partially pissed off. Not that I did anything over the weekend, Kiss and I didn't do Virgil's. Now if I had been gullible and had gone down there and he didn't show?? His ass would be feelin the wrath. The temp is very nice and flexible. It's too bad she can't stay longer. I was able to catch up and stuff. Can you believe I almost forgot to pick up the kid? 2:40pm and I'm stuffing envelopes and this alarm rang that no one was picking him up. I was so busy making plans with K for tomorrow and Friday, forgot about Weds. hahahha.. I flew down The Hutch and got there like 3:09. And the prince was not happy. Figures.

Trixx, Success and Kat saw my scrabble presentation and loved it. I have to find a way to get it on CD so I can keep it.

The novella is coming along nicely. I have to find a way to tie everything together and close it. Then I'll get started on my autobio. Haven't decided if I should put true names and facts or just do some kind of 'loosely based' story about my life and its people.

I saw Vivian today. Homegurl looks good. She's coming along nicely but I know she craves to hang out with the ladies and things. We need to hit the Palisades for dinner. I'm bad for not keeping in contact in her but she's always in my thoughts. Hey, her fingers aint broke neitha. lol


Blaq112 said...

You are so kool you know that I love the way you just say what is on your mind can you bottle that for me please


Blaq112 said...

You are so wonderfulcause you say what is on your mind can you bottle that for me