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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Everyone at the job is getting sick. Something's going around- again. There's no escape. You know I'm pissed. Like I need the cooties every damn week. I need a work from home job.

Dont ask me why but I was on some kind of scent shopping spree. I was trying to remember the last time I bought perfume for myself and I remembered- last August when me and Cliff went to that place and got RL Blue. I know JVJ got me Pleasures for Christmas. It's been a while. I got Sicily, Realm and Perry Woman. I need a change. Now that I'm getting new scents, I need new clothes. No clue as to when I'll actually walk into a store and buy something for myself. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that after I get WJL's clothes for school. I should be able to get maybe 2 shirts or a pair of shoes every paycheck. CRUNCHING THOSE NUMBERS.

I have a new nephew. Tam gave birth last night. IT'S ABOUT TIME! I can't wait to see him. I wonder what name she's finally chosen for him? I told her she could borrow my choice- but I dont think she will.

CW chatted with me a bit. That lusty fool man. Love him to pieces. He mentioned something like he had 4 sets of twins in his family- I forgot about that. Wouldn't that be something if that happened to me? I think I'd close up shop after that. lol. I suggested that the next time I visit, we'll light some candles, get our drink on and just talk. I want to know everything from beginning to now. What makes him tick. I asked him if he was born in a shack somewhere and he said no. i asked if he was born in his momma's bed. hahaha.. I want his biography. Just get that intimacy on.

Guess who I missed? Tucker. This nut was looking for me online. Fool left my numbers back home so we didn't get to meet up. Do you know how mad I am? And it would be the week my ID was hacked. Well, another meeting oppty gone. Sometimes I wonder if he was really trying to meet up. All that talking and never thought to have my number handy.

ME and I had a nice email chat today. Did a lil opening up too. Meeting this Friday- hmmmmm

Walter- or Lewis- had me vext. How the hell are you gonna introduce yourself to me with one name, and another name shows up on caller ID? I dont play that. Keep it real. If you dont like your 'gobment' name, say so. Tell me what you preferred to be called- or you wont be called at all. FEEL ME

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