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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Somethin Saturdays

Today I was so overwhelmed. Powerpoint presentation and accounting final. Stay tuned for final grades. I am glad that my tests were very high. That's what will save me.

I didn't do too well with the Internet class testout. It's not a loss though. I get Ms Mitchell again and Tina will be in my class. Dont know who I'll have for Advanced Word.

I called JVJ to invite him to the movies tonight. That didn't happen. I guess it was just as well because I ate and then fell asleep for HOURS. I got up, ate again, did my finances and relaxed a bit. Surprise- Justin-Henry and Henry came over. It's now 1am and they are just leaving.

JVJ called and apparently he was invited to a BBQ and got his eat on- hence the reason why we didn't go to the movies. He's coming to dinner tomorrow and it just hit me that I'm supposed to bring Wm to Parkchester in the evening. I may change it to the morning- depending on what J wants to do. We were talking about going to the movies. Let's see what happens. There's still during the week.

Had a nice chat with Eley. Finally saw him on cam. yum. Now that my mind is not on finals, I can focus a bit on him. I like the fact that he's reaching out, sharing things with me. I think this will be a nice lil thing between us.

Solomon wants to 'try' to date me 'again'. We've never dated. I dont know what he's talking about. We met only once years ago. I am flattered that we've made such lasting impressions on each other but this is getting ridiculous. Says he wants me. Says I know this. I told him I dont know anything anymore.

Something struck me the other night. When I mentioned moving. JVJ said I wasn't going anywhere. I dont know if that meant he didn't have faith in me or if it meant he didnt want me to go anywhere. I could address it tomorrow- or i should say later on today being it's 1:15am. lol... I haven't told him I loved him. I am unsure of when is the right time. Last time was close but I fell asleep as I always do when I'm next to him. It's like talking is not an option. I'll admit. when it's my time to move, it wont be easy.

Did I mention Cell invited me to his family reunion in Philly next month? Is he crazy? That's a set up. How would he introduce me? what if the cousins that know about our situation start running down a list of questions? F that.

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