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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today I'm officially 38. Amazing how time flies. How I remember jumping double dutch with braids and beads. The ProKeds. The roller skates. Freeze tag and all of that. At 4:59pm yesterday- 38 and funny thing- I was so busy at work, I didnt take the time to say 'happy birthday nicole annette tatum' or thank the good Lord for allowing me to see another year. I pressed on, finished up and headed to job #2. There, a few people wished me happy birthday and I even got a box of chocolates- which I ate without discretion. I received a lovely outfit- I think I can wear to work or some kind of formal function. Cake- I got a small chocolate cake- haven't tried it yet. Kid said it was OK. I came home from job 2 to find my new nano and late july cookie boxes on the porch. Thank goodness there wasn't a camera around because I was like a kid on Christmas day, even already knowing what was in those boxes. As I type this, I'm charging the nano. lol. I've brought in some of those cookies to share with co workers. And this morning, the scale wasn't too hurtful. I said a prayer before driving out- sometimes I would slack off for a few days and then bring myself back. Asking to watch over my friends and family. Asking for guidance and wisdom. Forgot to ask for a tighter grip because my cereal fell into my lap. I think I had at the most 40 Honey Nut Cheerios and about 3 slurps of skim milk. Can I tell you- picking up Cheerios off of a carpet is NOT fun or easy. At lunchtime, I'll head on home to wash my pants, do a quick dry and return to the job. Back up breakfast- decaf coffee.

My mind wandered on Mark and his ills. He's got to go holistic. I think that may be the only solution. I will find the time to research and ask questions. I just hope and pray he will be cooperative.

In spite of the lil mishap, I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to have people who love me- including myself!!

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