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What's on my mind?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Me on R. Kelly and stuff

Someone in a yahoo group tried to call me out to apologize and here's what I said to that old bs:

just because these group of strangers couldnt find him guilty or prosecutors couldnt rustle up evidence does not mean he didnt do anything. he's still a dirty ass boy-man he has this attraction for under aged girls. this particular situation had better be a lesson learned. he'd better get help or someone's daddy's gonna help him

now if you are saying i should apologize for not being on your side of a not guilty verdict- nope- not happening because i didnt believe it'd go that way- why? (because he's a nasty ass motha phucka) my opinion or belief isn't a fact therefore i wouldnt apologize for having MY opinion or belief... now you go home, put on your R. Kelly's 'Seems Like You're Ready' and marinate on that as you think about who he's singing to because it aint a 40 year old woman.

oh no no. i wont apologize for my beliefs and opinions and if someone can quote me verbatim that i said 'yes, he did it' we're on to something. but on what i can recall i have said in scores of posts i believe, i think and IF he did things.

in any event, this 37 year old wouldn't feel comfortable being around him and i sure as hell wouldnt want any children around him. if some of the group feels he doesnt have a problem and can chill in the cut like whatever, that's on them and they are more than entitled to feel that way...

now that this subject's 2 months old and he's been acquitted, the fans can bump and grind to his upcoming album, "I Pee, Therefore I Am Free" and move on ..


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thegayte-keeper said...

I AGREE WITH YOU 1,000,000%