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What's on my mind?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not Guilty!??

So the Bell cops were acquitted. Aint that a bitch! Posts were flying about bad cops and other things but who's talking about them being afraid? Aren't they allowed to? Are they not human?

Here is my commentary (love it or hate it):

if you dont have the time to read... keep it movin...

how about a scared cop? a panicky cop? not knowing what the hell to do in a situation cop? sorry sorry, playing devil's advocate here. do not misunderstand- i KNOW that there are bad cops but ALL of them are not bad cops. i know brothers have had their experiences with cops and have strong opinions about the system in their respective cities. i know what i say here is going to fall on blind eyes and deaf ears. 'whatever nicole'. I know some have really have been just minding their own businesses and had run ins with cops. they weren't good, they were bad cops. and i know some really were acting the fool for real and got a bad cop- maybe a good one, but the experience was not good for you. cant say i feel your pains but look at what's going on now- do something about it so your sons, daughters, grands wont feel your pains. this war of us vs them, gets grimier by the day- we can stop it. all i know is this constant 'fuck the police' shit is dead to me. doesnt accomplish a damned thing. I've got a son to raise and I cannot very well with a clear conscious tell him to 'fuck the police'. Some may protect him. Some may not. Doesnt always have to be lose-lose because he's a young black fella. Did you see the story about the 20 something sister who was at a traffic stop, was asked questions and she pulled out a gun on the cops- only to be shot dead? Wellllllllllllllll- why'd she pull the gun out? DUMB. Cant call the cops angry there. Could have been a win-win situation if she didnt pull out the gun.

so.... remember these formulas:

Bad training+dumb move/s= a dead/injured someone

Bad training+bad cop= a dead/injured someone

Good training+bad cop= a dead/injured someone

Good training+good cop+bad move/s= a dead/injured someone (cop doing their job)

Good training+good cop+no moves= hey we just may have some survivors (how do we get here folks)

Do i think these Bell case cops were bad cops? no. do i think they were poorly trained? yes. this wasn't a case of 'let's go get dem niggas'. this was a case of miscommunication blended with poor training. you've got undercovers mixed with uniforms- no one's talking. no one knows anything. someone gives wrong information and everyone's fucked up. ASSuming. ASSumptions. ASSumed. All cops are not assholes just like all of us aren't assholes. you see what's happening- we are lumping them into one bunch and they are lumping us into one bunch- therefore everyone should be treated the same, no discrimination. BULLSHIT.

this is why the war exists.

do i think the cops should have gotten some kind of time? most definitely. for manslaughter (bell), attempted manslaughter (his friends) and reckless endangerment (risking lives of people on the subway platform above). the verdict surprised me but didnt surprise me. But this is one NY judge. He's not the be all, end all. This isnt done yet. This case has worldwide attention (i have some scrabbler buddies outside of the US chatting with me about this). There's a reason why this is happening at the pace it's happening. I sense something big and triumphant for all families who have lost someone in this manner.

we are way too quick to say this cop or that cop is mad or angry and they are always gunning..but honestly, it CAN go back to lack of training. some go into the force wanting to clean the streets and have good intentions but put into a situation, panic sets in, not always anger. and what happens when you panic- you dont think. you dont think about consequences, but you do wonder about staying alive. you will not give a person the chance to take that way from you. you dont think that you are emptying your gun, your ass aint counting bullets. a cop reloaded- his ass was scared, not angry. i'm sure no one was getting up and running towards him with weapons. dudes were down and bloody. he didnt stand over them and shoot. that's anger. he was at a distance. that's fear. not a single soul has mentioned that fact that any cop could be afraid.. and by right they should be. this day and age, not one cop can really go out into the world and have balls bigger than themselves and think they are invincible. they all know they are hated and that each time they leave their families in the morning, noon or night, they may never return. so walking out with this on the brain every day isn't good, it's stressful. it's not about weapons and uniform- gotta have the right mentality for the job. my cousin thought she could do it. thought she was crazy enough (lol), thought she was tough enough until she had to blow a man's brains out and she was done. out of the force. now i know she was not a bad cop. she did her job to the best of her abilities and Rudy G and them didnt like her because she spoke out against the way things were going.

the question/s is/are (i'm sure there are tons more):

*how can we stop/eliminate police brutality/misconduct (seems Mayor Paterson had suggested something not too long ago- a program of sorts that would really stick it to cops for misconduct/brutality- guess what- shot down. now it's brought up again and the Bell family & supporters are all for it, hoping the new mayor will use his powers to bring this to the table- even he was surprised by the verdict)

*how do you figure out which cops are trying to do good for the communities and which are not

*how do you filter out those with true intentions but are too scary or panic during various situations- should they even graduate if they are just that nervous to begin with

*can the cops do the very same things/behaviors/actions for each situation no matter who the person/people is/are

*are there enough counselors to alleviate their stress so they can focus on their actions- not do first, think later

*should penalities for misconduct and brutality be the same across the board, no matter who the ppl/person is/are

*who the hell are training these cops in our nation- it needs some serious tweaking


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