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What's on my mind?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Looking Towards Valentine's Day

I was riding into work and heard a radio listener call in. He was griping about doing the gift giving thing or I should say the effort of outdoing himself for this one day.

He said he just took his lady out for dinner last weekend and asked: I have to do all of that again??

Radio jock said: YEP!

They told him that he's putting too much pressure on himself. The urge to outdo what he just did is coming from him, not from his lady.

Maybe he doesnt have it in him to be creative.

I believe if you've been handling yours throughout the year, St. Valentine's Day is that with an added bonus.

So you did a strip tease last weekend. This weekend, do the strip tease and add some hot wax.

You took her to her favorite museum for a special exhibit last week. Try to get her favorite work in a frame.

Doesn't take much folks. Just a touch of listening and seeing.

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