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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Life Goes On

This past Mother's Day weekend was filled with mixed emotions. My guy was not feeling 100%. NC trip is getting closer. Dinner ideas weren't popping off as usual. My gift ideas were great (she loved them). I wanted to make a light, easy accessible dessert and ended up preparing 2 chocolate cake loaves. Yes, my grandmother got one. On Mom's Day, there were text messages sent and well received. I worked hard to prepare a decent dinner. I did a few things online and kept to myself. The kid went with his grandmother to see Grand Nana. I had peace. His father left a VM on my cell twice with a tone that didn't sound right. Something was wrong. He wanted me to return his call- it was very very important. There was illness or death in his family. Turned out, his mother was found dead in her apartment. I am unsure how many days she had passed but it didn't matter. She was the type who would become a biker. She already had a tattoo or two. She was jolly, full of life. I'd gotten an email from her quite recently, which made the news even more shocking. Just like that. She was gone. She was not in the best of health, I was told but I thought she would be the one going to the doctor, not taking risks and chances. She'd ride til the wheels fell off. He put his sister on, who was sobbing and my heart just sank. She, as well as my son's father were fairly close to their mother. The father passed in 1997. These two, along with their brother, were now orphans. I told the sister to take better care of herself, you dont play with your health, it's not a joke. My son's father got an earful as well. I was angry, confused and sad- too much to handle all at once. This passing prompted me to look at my son's future. Would he- inherit obesity, hypertension, heart issues and diabetes? Could these very well be avoided or are they genetic? Stay Tuned.

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