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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another Why Wednesday

*Why (and how) did I miss TR's morning prayers?

*Why am I having daily headaches?

*Why did HE take my TR fam member away?

*Why did my child's aunt nearly crash my car?

*Why does she think she's ready for her road test next Weds?

*Why doesn't she know the diff between 'turn the wheel left' and 'turn the wheel right'?

*Why did old boy ask me what time am I coming over and what food am I bringing?

*Why will his ass be hungry when I show up without food?

*Why did my child claim he 'forgot' to oil and brush his peasy head?

*Why does he think I'm playing with him?

*Why does my Sims PC game decide to load up when it's time for me to log off?

*Why didn't the camp counselor tell me (when she called yesterday) to bring $10 for today's trip?

*Why did this guy call me 'trifling' because I forgot his bday on sunday- mentioning I didn't send a card or anything?

*Why did he think I had his address to send his crazy ass a card?

*Why am I having the bubblies again?

*Why did my mother tell me she visited the most 'roachiest' house she's ever been to in her life? (she's a visiting nurse)

*Why do I feel like tossing out all of my lipsticks and starting over?

*Why am I not happy with my wardrobe?

*Why did this chick tell me she was up until 3am packing for her trip- meanwhile i was up doing my budget?

*Why did I nearly get scalded in the shower this morning?

*Why are the workers f'ing with the water when they should be finishing the attic and basement?

*Why is my mother ready to kill all of them?

*Why does this chick look like Diana Ross and Rick James' love child (she's got that long curly weave thing that's just not workin for her)?

*Why the hell did I have to post this separately from the previous blog when everyone else has 12 page speeches in one?

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