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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, July 10, 2005


School yesterday. Man O Man... I'm so glad my ass caught up. The Powerpoint presentation will be fun. Accounting final- well I'll be doing some serious studying this week. I REFUSE to fail that exam!

Financial aid is pretty good (thank goodness).. before the school told me I'd owe over $5000- WHUTDAFUKK?? Apparently, they thought I'd gotten extra income last year. Simple mistake but Nick wasn't havin it. They crunched the numbers, worked out a lil something and BAM- I owe $1,096. I can swing that if I put my mind to it.

Ms. Bilal went through my files. I've taken a lot of classes. Tested out of a lot too. Difficulty finding Saturday classes that would be beneficial to me in the future. She's a fantastic counselor, keeps it real. What really got me is that she said if I continue with the GPA I have, I could be inducted into the Honor Society. How cool is that? Ma said I should go to graduation. I really dont want to but she mentioned William seeing me graduate and I would guess that would make a lasting impression on him.

Today, I started my money tracking and it works. hahaha... There's hope for me yet. AMEX card will be handed over to Ma the moment I give her my last payment for this month's bill. That thing is evil wrapped in pretty plastic. I do have the Capital One card as a buffer and I barely touch that one. I also wont carry it around with me either. I must get my credit score back up and keep it up.

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